A movie named Hysteria way back in 2011 stated about how a vibrator was invented.  Hysteria is basically a medical condition which results in anxiety, fainting, irritability, sleeplessness, excessive vaginal lubrication and erotic fantasies.

In the past decade, doctors failed to understand the following condition and they more or less believed that women are not experiencing sexual pleasure. But, there was a doctor named Joseph Granville that found a solution for the following problem.

He used a digital medium to bring women to orgasm. Eventually, he was flooded by a number of patients which became quite difficult for him to handle and thus in a process in came up with a vibrator.

As per the survey given by Indiana University, it was known that at least half women use vibrator at some point of time while one-fourth of them use in the past month.

Also, there has been a lot of myth going that vibrators are only meant for single and lonely women but that it not always the case as even the couples tend to enjoy it.

Moreover, as per a study in Australia, it is known that 61% couples own one sex toy while on an average there is 2.6 sex toys per couple. Also, it is known that the sex toy industry brings about $15 billion revenue annually.

There was a time when sex toys were considered dirty, taboo or perverted. To purchase a sex toy, one had to face a lot of embarrassment and usually men/women had to go in the dark to purchase.

But, the things has changed a lot now as you can order sex machines from a discreet website secretly.

How Sex Toys Can Aid in Improving The Sex Life?

There are many women who can’t achieve orgasm only through penetrative sex and there are a number of cases when they might not have even experienced orgasm even once in their life.

This is not considered as a defect and it doesn’t signal anything wrong. Sex toys in such a case can help you out. They help out in performing clitoral stimulation that sex alone may not able to. There are many men who feel that there is a lot pressure in order to perform.

With the assistance of sex toys, pressure from them can be easily taken off and thus allow both the women and men to enjoy and relax the experience. These days who can easily find a number of sex toys that can be used by couples for both during intercourse and foreplay.

Sex toys doesn’t occupy the traditional lovemaking space but they are more or less used in enhancing it and thus both the partners feel satisfied and fulfilled.

With sex toys, you will also get an opportunity to learn about the stuffs that would possibly make you happy.

A vibrator can be used to explore the genitals areas as well as the entire body to figure out the things that can turn you and your partner on.

How to Introduce Sex Toys in the Relationship?

You might argue but there is a great deal of hesitancy when it comes to sex toy. There can be times when your partner or you might not feel comfortable using it but in order to deal with it you need to have honest and open communication.

Here are some of the ways through which you can introduce sex toys into your relationship :-

Focus on sexual relationship enhancement: When it comes to sexual life, then both women and men can feel insecure. When a partner try to introduce sex toys, then some might feel that it is not a right thing but that it not always true.

So, whenever you are coming up with the idea of sex toys, then try to focus on how you can efficiently enhance it such that you can have a very good sex life.

Select the right time: If you bring up the ideal of sex toys in the starting of a relationship, then it might not be a correct idea. Your partner might feel that he/she is not able to satisfy you. So, you should develop trust before trying out sex toys.

There are many people who prefer to get indulged in this conversation outside bedroom and thus making it a very casual conversation. Try to bring out this topic in front of your partner and see their reaction before eventually trying out.

Try to be specific: You need to be quite specific about the type of sex toy you wish to try. Explain about the sex toy to your partner and how it can enhance your sexual life.

Avoiding pushing: Just in case your partner is not interested, then avoid pushing it to your partner. What you can possibly do is introducing this topic to your partner and let them think about it.

There can be a considerable chance that they might want to try. Furthermore, you can introduce the topic once again after two weeks and but you should make sure that you don’t push it too hard.

Sex Toys are typically used to add fun and not any kind of stress to a relationship.

Shop with your partner: Try to research different devices together and then figure out the device that you feel that you are comfortable for using.

For instance, there are individual devices that you can use for mutual masturbation while another that you can use as a couple.

So, communicate between each other and then decide about the device that you increase your lovemaking.

Don’t be serious: You should enjoy using the sex toys and you should make sure that you use the sense of humor during the entire process.

This can be indeed be a great opportunity for you as well as partner to strengthen your relationship in a casual way by exploring different possibilities together.

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